Slow Ripping - best setup for 4 IDE (SCSI?) devices on 2 channels? DMA?



I have several problems that I could use some help with. Any input is appreciated. My system was pretty solid for some time, then it started to rip DVDs slow on my 16x DVD ROM. It has slowed from 6-8x to 1.5. It is also set as PIO and I can’t change.

I have an Nforce 2 Biostar motherboard running XP. I updated the IDE controller drivers from Windows generic to Nforce because of I couldn’t change PIO to DMA for the 16x DVD ROM

That made both channels disappear and gave me a single Nforce controller in device manager and made all devices IDE devices SCSI in Device manager. Now the NEC was 1.5 as well.

I uninstalled the Nforce driver back to standard Windows driver and got both channels back. I updated the NEC firmware to Liddys and the NEC now rips really well. But the 16x still is PIO doing 1.5. I have it set as DMA if available, but PIO is the only option blelow and that is what it is using.

How can I get XP to treat this as a DMA device?

Also does this IDE setup make sense? (the DMA and PIO settings are system provided)

On channel 0 a 200gb Master DMA-5 and a 3500NEC slave DMA-2.
On channel 1 I have a 16x DVD-ROM Master PIO and a 80gb slave DMA-5 (holds XP OS)

I kept the hardrives on different channel so when I compress it would go faster. Would it be better to have the Hardrives Masters or vice versa?



Deleting 2nd channel and reboooting got me DMA back. Found that somewhere on the board,Thx. Sorry bad newbie…
But it is still ripping pretty slow though. About 3 -4 on a 1 gb file.

Could my IDE setup have something to do with it?
Having the boot drive as slave to a DVD-Rom? :confused:


Optical drives were meant to be set as slave to an HD and some systems don’t toleate any different setup. I have found that any optical drive on the same cable as an HD is a problem when you rip. They always get set back to PIO.