Slow Ripping and Burning



I just upgraded to the newest CloneDVD2 and now I cone dvds in 1:10 minutes. On the older version I was able to clone any dvd in less than 45min. I when back to the old version and it still takes longer than an hour. What changed and how can I fix it. :frowning:


It seems only some of the users experince this new phenomenon. I have posted my personal impressions on this matter ( that are the same as yours. I am still convinced that the prevoius version of CloneDVD2 was faster. I have checked it. No clue what might be the reason.


I also use CloneDVD2 and it takes over an hour to copy a DVD.
I have an LG 4160B burner.



you guys that are seeing this - post your system specs.


bump… Please post system specs… I have not noticed this as of yet but want to see what the issue may be…


Dell Inspiron 9100

CPU: Intel P4 2.8 HT 800MB FSB
Memory: 512
Video: ATI Radeon 9700 128MB
Hard Drive: 40GB
DVD Drive: 4x



I also had a slow CloneDVD experience, but all fixed now.
The cause of my slowness was the AMD quite and cool driver was activated. Disabled, and back on to the fast tracks !

@ Heffer you mention that gonig back a version is still slow, have you checked your DMA settings out ??


Where do I find my DMA settings?


letsgojets sums this up nicely in his post here

also do you know what bus master drivers you are using ?



Uninstalling the primary IDE, and the secondary IDE set my my drives back to DMA. I clone dvds in 30-40 min now.