Slow rip speed for NEC ND-3550A

I just upgraded from a Pioneer DVR-106D to the NEC ND-3550A. I ran Nero Ultra 6.X speed test with Spy Kids 3 retail DVD in this drive. The drive speed was 0.94X This DVD also takes 9 minutes for a quick analysis (my old 4X drive took less than 2 minutes) and 50mins just for a backup (my kids are very rough on discs) under DVD shrink 3.1.1 and 3.2. I verified that UDMA is still on under the device manager. I upgraded the firmware to Dee’s 1.Y5 and also NEC’s 1.05 (The drive came with 1.04 firmware) without any change. Here is my system:

AMD XP 3200+ CPU
1GB PC3200 DDR
160GB Maxtor
EPOX EP-8RDA3+ motherboard (Nforce2)
NEC ND-3550A Burner (secondary master)
ASUS E616A DVD-ROM (secondary slave)
Win XP Pro with SP2

I am using the latest certified Nforce2 IDE driver from 10/2004. Based on the IDE bus settings, the NED drive uses UDMA Ultra 2 and the ASUS drive uses UDMA Ultra 5 mode. Any advice?

Hi rosss01 and welcome to the forum.

Try changing the IDE drivers to Microsoft’s default ones, as they usually work better with optical drives. Also check UDMA is enabled in your system’s BIOS.

Thank you. UDMA is enabled in the BIOS but I will try the default drivers in a bit.

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