Slow rip dvdfab

When I am copying dvds I only can get 2.7MB/s with my plextor 716 and about 4.7 with my old lg 4040b. Are these speed normal? cpu useage with the lg is about 70-75. Is this why? Why is the plextor so slow?

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Check if DMA is enabled

they are. The plextor says dma 66 and the lg is dma 33. the cpu useage with the plextor is only 30.

Can you post a burst rate test? Simply insert a DVD (not a blank one) in the burner, run cd-dvd speed, and then select “Run test” --> Burst rate. You can find latest version of cd-dvd speed here.

How much is the value?

the plextor is 44 and the lg is 24 in burst

That must be an old computer. DMA 33 goes bat to early 90’s.


2002 or 03 ish, -nvidia nf-7, amd athlon xp 2600, 512 corsair extreme dual channel 400mhz, maxtor sata 160,

Headed back to work, so just a quick thought.
Are you using 80 conductor - 40 pin cables? or the older 40 conductor - 40 pin cables? If the latter, I’d change to the 80’s, for sure.

both cable are 80’s