Slow rip/burn

Hi. I am very new at this ripping/burning… I have an HP 300i writer and a Pacific Digital rebranded BTC 16x DVD-Rom. Ripping takes over an hour (DVD Shrink), and burning takes another 35-45 minutes (CopyToDVD). I’m using Philips DVD+R 1-2.4x. It’s shouldn’t take THIS long, should it?

Both drives on the 2nd IDE channel, and I’m using a Dell Demension 4550 (2.6Ghz).

Hi BigRedDog, welcome aboard!

Ripping takes more than an hour? That’s indeed pretty long. The writing process that takes 35-40 min is pretty strange as well, as it’s a little too much for 2x writing, but way to fast for 1x writing.

There are many possibilities that can cause these problems. Could you perhaps some more information on what software you are using? And could you perhaps check if DMA is enabled on both the writer and the CDROM drive?

Good luck and read-u-soon :slight_smile:

dee-ehn, thanks for your reply.

Ripping - I have tried both DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5 (with deep analysis) and DVD Decrypter, and neither is better (faster).

Burning - CopyToDVD, trial version.

It seems that it’s writing at around 1.4-1.5x speed.

When I check for DMA (in device manager?), it says
- Device 0 - Ultra DMA Mode 2
- Device 1 - PIO (apparently DMA isn’t available)

Both IDE channels 1 &2, Device 1, say DMA if available, but indicate Current Transfer Mode as PIO.

My current config: Primary - 2 harddrives, both 7200rpm, secondary - HP writer master, BTC ROM slave.

Am I looking in the right place? And how can I enable DMA if possible? I have a Dell Demension 4550. Thanks.

As you have a Dell system, it must be Intel based. If Windows isn’t willing to switch to DMA mode, you might need to install the Intel Application Accelerator (this is nothing but a driverset for your chipset).

Try to install it from Intel’s website and see what it does…!

Good luck!