Slow rip/burn after reformat with Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16! Help!

I recently reformatted my HD and reintalled XP Pro in order to clean things up, but the only thing I didn’t expect was to lose speed on my DVD burner. After looking around the forums I tried the uninstall of my secondary IDE channel driver and it only increased the speed a little (2.4x to 3.7x). Now I get about 3.7x for both. This I would say is horrible knowing that I used to burn at a solid 8x and rip 8x+. I have DMA set on all my drives, so what could be the problem now? Here are some stats that might help:

Windows XP Pro w/ SP2
2.8gHz Pentium 4
LITEON DVD-ROM LTD163 (came stock, will rip up to about 7x currently)
Memorex DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 (the problem drive- firmware is up to date)
100GB and 60G HDs
Ripping with DVDDecrypter
Burning with Nero 7 Ultra Edition

Initially after reinstalling windows it seemed like the Memorex even had problems reading some disks. I have also dusted out my drives and computer and checked my IDE cables. Anyone have any ideas? I would be very greatful for some help. Thanks!

Looks like I fixed my problem! I crossflashed my drive to a 1653S and I just passed 11x rip speed. I’ll be checking the write speed next. Still, if you have any suggestions on what was wrong, I’d still be interested! Thanks