Slow recording speed on 4082B

I have an 8x LG 4082B with A204 firmware connected thru external USB 2 enclosure. It seems to take about 16 minutes or more to record movie at 8X using Cyberlink Power Producer 2 Gold. Would Firewire be noticeably faster or am I using the wrong media? Some info on a recent recording follows:

Disc Regions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Media code/Manufacturer ID PRODISC R03
Media Product Revision Number 03h
Application id
Implementation id Spruce Technologies
Recording Date/Time (mm/dd/yyyy) 9/10/2002 12:04:27
Format Capacity 3.50GB(3.76GB)
Book Type DVD+R
Media Type DVD+R
Media Id Code Speed 8.0x 11080KBps
Data area starting sector 30000h
Data area end sector 1C019Fh
Linear Density 0.267um/bit
Track Density 0.74um/track
Number of Layers 1

Thanks for your help.

16 minutes is closer to 4x speed. Using IEEE 1394a or IEEE 1394b instead of USB 2.0 could help a bit but not by much if the USB 2.0 is working properly. For faster DVD writing, use S-ATA or P-ATA only. Both USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394a/b can handle 8x DVD speed which is about 11MB/s. It also depends on the controller.

Try the same media in UDMA33/66/100/133 configuration and then you’ll find the answer. When buying an external enclosure for DVD writing, it is best to choose one that provides one connector for USB 2.0 and one connector for IEEE 1394a/b.Every system is different.


Thank you for the reply. I am not much better than a novice with computers. Are you suggesting that I hook the drive up internally to see if that improves the speed?

i probably should have mentioned the following;
Computer HP a500N
80 gig HD
512 RAM (2700)
XP Home OS
and USB 2 external case for 4082B

Yes, I suggested it because external speed cannot be better than internal speed because the USB 2.0 external case just adds one more bottelneck for DVD recording. It’s actually IDE connected to USB 2.0 bridge interface. Direct connection with IDE might improve the performance and present less troubles if any.

Thanks again. I think I will try a Firewire case to see if it improves the burn speed. I prefer to keep this as an external drive. I’ll pass on info when i get a new case.

Well, I decided to try the 4082B as an internal drive and the speed is much faster - approx 8 minutes for a 4529MB burn. If I feel like spending extra money I may try a firewire enclosure.

Firewire will not be any better than USB2 in recording speed unless you have a didderent purpose such as a firewire equipment (e.g. DV camcorder, DV input DVD recorder) connect to it.

It could be different in some situations. Some USB 2.0 devices are not good. They don’t make good use of the 480Mbps bandwidth. The probability is somewhat high for success with IEEE 1394.

But I don’t use 1394 for DVD writing either. Ithink S-ATA external case will be best for DVD writing just as SCSI external 50-pin did it in the old days. There were even external enclosure where one can have multiple CD writers, all in SCSI. There are already some S-ATA external cases but most use PATA2SATA converters.

That’s perfect for 8x DVD writing. Choose very well when shopping for 1394/USB case next time as some of them are not good enough for massive files. Your USB 2.0 case must be using an inadequate chipset. The USB controller on the mainboard or add-on card also affects performance.