Slow reading/ writing with SONY CDR220E1 (52x)

Dear friends,

I have bought a 52x CDR (SONY CDR220E1).
So far, I didn’t manage to read/ write from my CDR in speeds greater than 13x.
During the reading/ writing, my CPU goes up to 100% of usage.

I do have a Celeron 733MHz, 384 MB RAM, a single disk 80GB and windows XP.
The programs I use for “burning” are CLONE, BE GOLD and NERO.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


did you enable dma for ur cd writer? you can do it by going to my computer and to system properties/device manager, right click ur drive and enable it if the box is not checked.



Besides the flag “Enable digital CD audio for this CDROM device” there is no other flag for enabling or disabling the DMA.

Any other suggestion ?



My computer, right click> manage,device manager>ide/atapi controllers,open and find controller the drive(s) are on, open and go to advanced settings. and look if dma is enable.

Enabling the DAM solves the problem…
Reading/ Writing is now at aprox 42x.

Many Thanks,

You are Welcome.