Slow reading from CDROM & DVD

Someone might have an idea on this:

Got my setup like so:
Raid Primary Master : 40GB ATA100
Raid Primary Slave :
Raid Secondary Master : 20GB ATA66
Raid Secondary Slave :
VIA Primary Master : LG DRD8120b (UDMA2 40x extraction speed)
VIA Primary Slave : Toshiba XM8720b (UDMA2 48x extraction speed)
VIA Secondary Master : Liteon 40125s
VIA Secondary Slave :

When I try to copy a CD I am getting some very slow results from the DVD/CD.
On the fly takes about three times longer than it should, with the Litey spending ages waiting
Read then Write. The Read takes around 8-10 minutes and the burn around 3!

I don’t think I’m getting UDMA2 from either device. I have tried removing the CDrom, but the DVD is still stupidly slow.

I’ve got SP1, running latest drivers for everything and using Nero

Had a brainwave. Just burned (on-the-fly) 700Mb CD in 3.03minutes using CloneCD 4. Had AOL7 online and WMP9 playing too.

It’s definitely Nero. Why?

Athlon 900, Asus A7V133 1009, Geforce2MX400, Audigy, 56k HCF Modem, SMC1211TX, WinTV878/9, LG DRD8120b, Toshiba XM6702b, LiteOn 40125s