SLOW reading from 708a

i just got a 708a and i noticed that it is extremely slow in reading dvds. it took about 40 seconds to recognize a burned dvd-r from my old sony 510a. even my liteon which i considered to be slow prior to this recognized the disk in about 12 seconds. the 708a takes 20 seconds to recognize a regular, commercial dvd whereas my liteon takes 7 seconds. do i have a defective drive?

I don’t think so. The Plextor DVD recorders needs quite some time to recognize DVD media, this is quite common.

Think this is absolutely normal.

well i’ll be damned. :a i guess that settles that :a

The 708A spec indicates initialization in about 15 seconds. Try it with a blank DVD. The LED should go amber on disc load and green in about 15 seconds. If it takes substantially longer with a DVD-ROM, DVD+/-R, then check the media. Could be the drive has problems reading the media. Check for scratched or damaged media. Try other brands or other DVD-ROM.

It is quite normal,don’t worry about it.