Slow reading DVD DL with Philips DVD+-RW SDVD8820 (Inspiron 6400)


Everything is fine with my secondary IDE (set to DMA) but my Philips DVD±RW SDVD8820 is badly reading the double layered DVDs (I mean usually original film discs) when back-uping them either with DVDShring or DVDFab (configurated properly… I suppose :slight_smile: )… OR testing with Nero Tools.
Even the Nero Info Tool is showing JUST one number in the Reading Speed box which is NOT 6x (max speed for this Philips - ) but only 4x and no more possibilities :sad: ! Single layer DVDs are ok I suppose.

When testing with Nero CD-DVD Speed the reading of the DL DVD starts at the speed 1,70x (which is not enough I bet!) and then increasing VERY slowly up to something about 4x at the end of the reading. When inserting the DL Disc the drive starts loud (which sounds like high speed) but than after few secs the sound (and apparently also the speed) is going down…

I understand that the notebook DVD drives will never do what they are supposed to up to some level, and that the specifications are JUST and purely theoretical… but on my girlfriends Inspiron 6400 with Sony DW-Q58A 8X Slim DVD+/-RW ( ) when inserting the SAME discs Nero Info Tool reports in the Reading Speed box 2x,4x,6x and also when reading in DVDFab, the transfer speed is something about 5-6MB/sec which is apparently as it should be.

I know from the multiple forums that there are NO firmware and additional drivers for my Philips DVD±RW SDVD8820 and that there are JUST problems with it (I also went through this thread: so I ask You: Have You some clever advice for me? Or should I just use my NBD (DELL) again?

And if I cry for another notebook DVD drive… which should I grab for?

Thanx very much for any advices! :bow:

I just want to add the test results for the DVD ROM DL (7.56 GB). Tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed

average: 3.04
start: 1.72
end: 4.04

burst rate: 22 MB/s

Is it ok? It seems to me these results would be OK somewhere in 19th century :smiley:

Slimtype drives are ALWAYS slower, don’t expect any miracles.

Hi. I have the same burner on my Gateway notebook. I am having trouble burning a show from ProShow Gold ( for my niece’s wedding. I used the Maxell DVD+R Data-Video DVD to record the show and it won’t even play in my Toshiba DVD player (I get a bad disc message). It will play on my desktop, but the sound is really garbeled. Can anyone recommend a DVD that will work in the DVD player? I am showing this in front of 400 people and want to spare myself the embarrassment?