Slow Reading Disc Problem with Nec 4551A =why= any solving method?

I have bought my Nec 4551A half yeear ago, n recently i feel that my Nec 4551A drive having slow reading disc problem…

when i insert a disc, then i open the drive browser, when i trying to a open a file such as movie file, i feel that it very slow responded…when it responding, i found that it cannot open the movie file completely…let say if the movie is 60minutes, the drive jus can read 1 minutes…

why? watz wrong with my drive?

is there any way to improve its performance ?

My NEC 4551 A drive firmware version is : 1-84

Iwill attach my drive’s dump file, hope u guys out there can give me a lil bit help…thx in advance

sorry becoz my dump file too large n the system not allow me to attach it, so i uploaded it to rapidshare. sorry for any unconvinience cause.

p?s: is there any IRC channel setup for this forum? if yes, can i know the server name n channel name.