Slow reading and burning since upgrades

I have the Plextor 708a and did the new upgrade while following all the directions and still can’t match the speed I had before upgrading to Before I upgraded to, I was reading at 8-40 min. and now I’m reading at 60-84 min. The write times have also increased at the same rate. Is there any remedy?

What firmware version does your drive have?
Have you tried to install the newest version? (AFAIK 1.7)

I’m guessing its a DMA problem.

Delete your IDE controller in device manager and reboot.

Download the latest version, 2004 07 13
One of its features is:

  • New: Greatly improved read speed of CSS protected DVDs
    with Plextor Drives PXW-708 and PXW-712
    For the improved speed you must set AnyDVD’s drive speed
    control to “Fast & Noisy”

That doesnt really help the slow burning problem though does it!

Everything for this person has gone slow. It’s not that it hasnt got any faster (as per new feature in, it’s got slower.

Thank you an insane amount. This totally worked.