Slow reader

Hello, how can i make my 16H5S drive read faster? It only does 12x reading :sad:

you can’t

12X for a DL is very good!!

DL’s not 12x :slight_smile: I was talking about +R, don’t remember what speed is with -R :slight_smile:

It also depends on the media and burn quality. :wink:

You don’t get it :slight_smile: I want 16x reading speed, but LiteON only SUPPORTS 12x :frowning:

Regardless of that, what I wrote matters in any case. :wink:
Maybe you have also not seen the codeguys firmwares yet?!?

I wonder if codeguys have their own modified firmware for 16H5S :slight_smile:

I doubt it…read the Omnipatcher thread…you might want to consider a 1693, if you can find one. :slight_smile: