Slow Read

I started using AnyDVD and DVDClone @ about three weeks ago. I usually just back-up an entire DVD. Previously the read time was only about 60 minutes for a full DVD. Just recently the read times have been 2 or 3 hours long. I’m using XP and have a high speed system with 2 burners. Any ideas or tips on how I can reduce the overall time to make backups.

well, obviously something has changed. might be DMA. but, gee, even 1hr is long i think. here’s a basic checklist

Thanks for your info, I did go through the chekclist, but was a little confused about the DMA. On my primary IDE I have Ultra DMA 5, on my secondary I have Ultra DMA 2… DOes this cause a problem? If so how is it changed?

i’m fairly certain that UDMA 2 for secondary IDE is normal if the only drive you have on your secondary IDE is an optical drive like a DVD or CD drive. checkout and