Slow read/write on 851sx

I’m having problems with my liteon 851sx dvd-writer at the mo. I can’t seem to write above 2x and these burns also often have problems. I’m writing from a HP Xe4100 Notebook with an unbranded USB2.0 Pcmcia card which has the following spec:
1.2Ghz Celeron
240Mb Memory (16Mb for graphics)
40Gb Harddrive
XP Home
My harddrive is often defragmented and I don’t use other programs whilst burning so I don’t think these are the problems. I’ve used Nero CD/DVD speed and info tool and saved the results which I have posted as attachments. I seem to get a very high CPU usage and a very low Burst rate.

I’d be really gratefull if someone could help =)


One of the first thing I would suggest is that you change your ASPI driver from 4.71 to 4.60. If you have KProbe v2.3.0 or later installed you will find a folder in the windows folder call ForceASPI. If you don’t you can download it from here. Open the folder and run the KILLASPI.BAT file. Then run the INSTASPI.BAT and reboot. Stick with 4.60 as 4.71 has issues.

But I don’t think this will fix your problem. It looks like your USB is not providing enough bandwidth. Might be your housing or your drivers. Have you tried upgrading them to the latest versions. There may even be new firmware for your housing.

Well i’d have to say that Celeron is probably the bottleneck along with only having 240mb’s of system memory, the Celeron may be 1.2 Ghz but its about as powerful as a PIII 733 or there abouts depending on bus speeds etc, taking this into account along with the small amount of memory and the fact that your using it through a USB connection i’d have to say your system is in the minimum category for burning DVD, if i was using that system for burning then i’d stick Win98se on it, XP will eat roughly over 100 mb’s just on the desktop with AV and Firewall software running, id either buy another stick of 256 or change to Win98se, 2x is probably the fastest your system can handle

Thanks for your replys. I tried the ASPI 4.6 driver but with no success. I currently have the newest firmware and drivers though. =(. I gonna try a new PCMCIA card first as a shot in the dark but after that its looking like the memory upgrade.
Any ideas if the extra 256MB (512MB total) of memory will enable 4x burning on my 1.2GHz celeron? I think I’ll be happy to just get some reliable 2x burns really.

Thanks again for your help

@ djdcohen welcome, and nice first post :iagree: I also have an 851sx(@832), but I plug mine into my usb2.0 port directly. My drive box reads 128mb ram minimum(256mb recommended), so you are at the lower edge of acceptability, but still acceptable since you follow good burning habits. I do think the problem is more with your self-confessed cheap usb2 pcmcia card. Is your system/MB even capable of usb 2.0? I see the enhanced usb drivers(from XP) listed in your infotool report, but are they installed and does your card fall under them in your device manager? Under your card in the infotool you have the UHCI usb drivers listed. You also have a HDD listed. That may be sharing bandwidth, you may need to unplug that before burning. Even if your card is 2.0, it will revert back to 1.1 if all things are not up to spec. I also did a google for your problem and came up with these couple HP links, which you could investigate and delve deeper into. here and here Good luck and keep us updated…your solution may help others :iagree:

Woohoo! Just tried the new card. Now getting a higher burst rate 8MB ish and a slightly lower cpu usage. Certainly not amazing but far better then before!
Cheers again for the help

@ djdcohen great news. You may find it is still not enough for 8x burns, which translates to ~11mb transfer rate. My 851sx@832 reads a burst rate of ~12mb in Kprobe 2.4.2 using info/drive and let that run, results at bottom.