Slow read speed?

I’m using clone cd ver 4.0 I’m making a backup of MOHAA game.I’ve got a 2.4 P4 gateway only 1 month old ti 4200, and its reading at 5-10 KB a second. Any ideas why it would read so slow???

SD 2 games take a little longer to read. Adjust your fast error skip setting to “0” retries if it drives you nuts. Also, you don’t need to read any subchannel data for SD2. I would recommend getting the CloneCD profiles from this forum and use those instead of the default “Game” setting. The profiles make life a little easier or just suffer setting them manually.

If you open your log you will notice it is skipping errors.
Once you have skipped past 10000-ish the read speed will improve.

Depending on your reader this may take awhile.