Slow read speed for DVD+R on 716A

Now that my bad burn s are over, I discovered that my drive reads DVD+R really slowly. These DVD+R’s are burned on the same drive as I am reading from (716A) with Verbatim 8x MCC3 discs, and has PI max at 100. Most of them are below 20.

It takes about 30+ minute to transfer a 4.3GB of data split evenly on 25 files. What gives… is this normal?

Could have sworn that it read these discs faster in the past, around 10 min.

My system is:

AMD XP 1800+
512 MB RAM
Windows 2K SP4
Plextor 716A

Any response would be much appreciated.

please post a Read Transfer rate graph either from plextools or cd/dvd speed.

btw, have you read the FAQ in the plextor section yet?

Is this problem isolated to DVD+R discs only or does it also happen with pressed discs? One possible reason I can think of is that you burned your DVD+R discs with booktype set to DVD-ROM which causes the drive to limit the read speed to 2X CLV. Via PlexTools try to enable “SpeedRead DVD” and see if that makes a difference. As drpino suggested, a transfer rate test image would be helpful. Good luck!


I didn’t know there was a difference, but I use Plextor Professional 2.21. I go to “CD/DVD-ROM maker” and choose DVD-ROM (ISO/UDF) and burn the disc. Perhaps that is the problem, should I choose different options?

When I get a chance, I will do a speed read test on the disc.

Thanks, to both of you G@M3FR3@K and drpino for replying. :slight_smile:

leesiulung, I am not talking about how you actually burned your disc :wink: If you want to know more about BitSetting read this article. Basically, you can turn your DVD+R discs into DVD-ROM discs, increasing compatibility with standalone DVD players. The BitSetting option is not enabled by default for the Plextor drive but you can enable it via PlexTools > Drive Settings. Anyway, enable SpeedRead DVD via PlexTools and see if that makes a difference in read performance. You can also use PlexTools to do a Read Transfer Rate test. Good luck :slight_smile: