Slow playback

i burned some of my anime to a dvd and when i try to play it from the disc it seems choppy. do i need to lower the speed of the player maybe or is it something else?

its something else :wink:

What is your rig, burner, type of dvd’s you use(mid code) and so on. No one knows what is going on. would help if you give more info

SL6WT 2.8c@3.3ghz (1.65v), Abit IC7-G maxII advance, corsair xms(2x512) pc3200 tccd, thermaltake 480w silentpower, 9700pro aiw, nec 3500ag

i use fuji media that is “YUDEN000T02” and i dont have any other problems except slow playback of xvid or divx files from the dvd. actual movies and stuff play without a hitch.

so im stuck with choppy playback?