Slow Pioneer DVR111D


My computer : P4-2.4MHz,1024 Ram, Win2000SP4, Pioneer DVR111D burner.
My burner is OK if I burn or read and fast as it is supposed to for these actions.
But initialisation is slow. I’ll explain.
Let’s suppose I want to copy a file from a DVD or CD media with my Pioneer drive, to a C:\ on my hard drive.
I open my file explorer in Windows and put the media in the pioneer tray.
The problem : it takes about 30 seconds or so to wait for the player to finish its recognition sequence before I can begin copying.
Is it normal?
If not is there a solution?
Thanks guys!


That’s maybe a little slow but the 111D isn’t the fastest at disk recognition. Is it any faster without Explorer up & running?

Thanks for replying!

No. It’s the same.
And when I insert a DVD movie, same thing before I can start being able to open it for viewing it.


30 sec is too long, normally its faster.


Thanks for replying!
do you have anything to suggest to get around this inconvenience?


Just timed mine , about 20secs.

You have 20 secs.?
Mine is about the same.
…I think I have a false problem!


Do not blame the Pio, blame the stupid PCs… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Twenty seconds on mine, too.

Yup, approx. 20 secs.
A DVD-ROM may be faster.