Slow Optical Drives Speeds - SCSI



I have been experiencing slow read & burn speeds with my DVD writer and CD/RW. I have looked at the Tips on the forums which suggest to make sure DMA is enabled.

For some reason, my computer shows that my optical drives are SCSI, when they are IDE and when i try to do something about the DMA, there is no such option in my Device Manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers as Primary IDE drives or secondary drives. I need help to fix this problem (how to put it from SCSI to IDE).

I have not installed Nivdia IDE Dirvers or Intel Application Decelerator.

I am not running a RAID controller.

DMA is enabled in my BIOS.


what chipset does your motherboard have?


Motherboard Chipset - SiS 645DX


I also had this problem with my VIA chipset. It turned out to be the VIA miniport driver which, when I uninstalled it, cured all including various burn problems with Nero. Search Add/Remove for a miniport driver and try getting rid of it. According to VIA the miniport driver is meant to enhance Hard Disk performance under certain circumstances by fooling the system into thinking its got SCSI but in my experience it slows thing up and stops some programs working properly.