Slow Motion

I’m editing down amateur sports video from DVD (vob files) through MPEG Video Wizard DVD to MPG files but I could really do with some slow-motion clips thrown in.

Is there any relatively simple software out there that will allow me to effectively slow down frame rate and record the result ?

I’d also like to be able to zoom in a little on the odd occasion … is that possible ?

WHY would you do that?

ANY dvd player has slow down features built in.

Because I want to produce a professional looking edit that shows slow motion replays after goals and key incidents.

Having to do it on DVD with your remote isn’t quite the same !!!

You can do this in MPEG Video Wizard DVD. Simply add the “clip” you want in slow motion to the Timeline again - then right click on that clip. Look for “Speed” and select a speed (1/16 to full speed). You may want to mute the clip as the sound will also slow down. Hope this helps.