Slow Loading

I just reinstalled 1 Click DVD Copy to a new machine I bought. It takes close to a minute before the program fully loads. After I double click the icon it just sits around and then after about a minute it loads. I can then close it and it opens in a few seconds like it used to, what’s going on here?

It loads faster the second time because its cached. It’s 1Click, but something about your new machine. 1Click loads for me in 5 seconds after a machine reboot.

1click now calls home via the Internet on startup to ensure it is a registered copy. You may have issues with a firewall blocking, then allowing access. I noticed the delay too in the newest release and accidently discovered it was a networking issue.

That may be it, I installed it on three different machines with the same result. Only thing in common is that none were connected to the Internet at the time I tried it because I use dial-up as I have no high speed connection at home.

1Click calls home via the Internet on its first run after a new installation for registration purposes. Subsequently, and until an update, it will check attempt to check for a newer version . . . unless you right click and turn off check for updates. That might speed things up for you.