Slow Lite-on LH-20A1S Drive

I have a LH-20A1S drive which won’t rip or burn past 2.4x. I’ve looked through every thread I could and this is a last resort. I downloaded Kprobe and ran it, coming up with a 3.2 burst rate. My DMA was enabled on my drive and so it didn’t say what else to do beyond check for DMA if the burst rate is low. All I know is it won’t burn or rip anything past 2.4x and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated. I’m using Nero 7 and I’m running off a system with an AMD Athlon XP processor and 1 GB of RAM. Please help.

Welcome to the forums, Wootang.

Are you using a VIA chipset mobo?

What version of firmware do you have on your drive? Does it give you any report of errors or message. What version of nero 7 are you using? Plus 2.4x is the speed that DL media are currently at so you can’t go past that limit.

I’m using an MSI KT6V motherboard with a VIA KT600 chipset. I know it’s an old motherboard but is that why my speed is limited? I’m using Nero 7 ultimate and Nero recode as my burning program. I use DVD decrypter to rip it to my hard drive and it rips at the same speed as a basic DVD-ROM drive.

I have the latest firmware and it doesn’t give any error messages.

Coolcolors, are you saying that no DVDs can be ripped with DVD decrypter faster than 2.4x?

Double (=dual) layer discs can be ripped well faster than 2.4x and I suspect coolcolors is only talking about writing speed.

Just so we can exclude it from the possibilities: this is an internal drive rather than an external one?

VIA as I thought - I’ve helped some people here with the same problem. If you Search for VT8237 and SATA you should be able to find the relevant threads.

First thing to do is check your SATA settings in the BIOS and set to non-RAID (if there is such a setting there). Secondly, install the latest VIA Hyperion Pro chipset drivers from and see if that works.

imkidd it is internal yes. In case this matters I’m ripping from a standard DVD video and burning to a Memorex 16x DVD-R, single layer

I upgraded the latest VIA drivers and now the burst rate is up to 48.3! It rips much faster now. Thanks!

Also look into Lite-On Forum and find the the following to improve your drive rip and writing performances.

Tools for Performance Tweaking, Modding of Lite-ON Drive

Yes you are right forgot to say that 2.4x was burn not rip speed.

My drive is ripping much faster now but I still can’t burn faster than 2x. I know the drive will because I ran Nero Drive speed and it gave me all the max burning speeds. I also ran a test with Nero DVD/CD speed with my disks and it allowed me to burn at a max 18x. However, when I attempt to burn to disk with Nero recode it won’t let me go past 2x. I also tried burning with DVD Shrink but it is keeping me at 2x as well. What’s the deal?

2X burning is nerve racking you better look into Lite-On forum for some twicking procedure.

Maybe you’re confusing the Recode/Shrink-time with the burn time, [B]Wootang[/B]? I believe Nero has an option to burn while re-encoding the video, which is a big no-no. Make sure to output your dvd to the hard drive first and burn it afterwards.