Slow LaCie/Pioneer burner?



I have just bought a LaCie dual drive, which is the Pioneer DVD DVR 106D, firmware 1.05, in an external box with USB and Firewire interfaces. I use the USB connection

When I burn a DVD-RW for testing, it takes about 90 minutes, both with Nero and CloneDCD
Is this normal?

When I test the drive with Nero CD-DVD Speed,and a DVD-ROM, it initially shows Transfer Rate of about 0.9, but I thought that this CD-DVD Speed would initially show reading speed, which should be in the order of 8X!?

Is anyone out there using this drive over USB with same results?


Doesn’t USB share its bandwith and power over all the controllers ? Meaning that if you have more than 1 usb device , it splits the bandwith ?

Do you have it attached on an USB1(.1) or USB2 port ?


I am using a USB 2.0 port. But I have now also installed the USB 2.0 drivers from LaCie and now it seems to run according to specs, about 2X, the whole DVD in about 35 minutes.

Strange, but the LaCie USB drivers really SEEM to be needed!