Slow Kazaa Lite Need HELP!

I’m using Kazaa Lite Resurrection v0.57a. Everything on here is so SLOW!!! I’m connecting very slowly. And my searches take forever. Why is this?
I am on a broadband connection. I’m also using DC++ at the same time but my dl at the time is ~2.5kB/s and upping at ~4.5kB/s. So DC++ sucking up the bandwidth should not be an issue. I’m have Windows XP pro sp2. Some one please help me!

Also - What’s with the “not enough users are sharing this file” message. What does this mean? I mean, Kazaa Lite found the file now why does it still say “not enough users…”? This was also the same issue I had with the old Kazaa and WinMX.

Please help!!

hmmm… do you have a firewall? the most likely cause though is that the files you are downloading are rare and so only maybe 1 or 2 diapul users are uploading, resulting in slow speeds or just download not starting at all.

ben :slight_smile: