Slow Interface Burst Transfer Rate?

Hi All,

It has been suggested to me that some of the writing problems with my SOHW-832S could be connected to a low interface burst transfer rate.

I know that (theoretically at least) an Ultra DMA Mode 2 interface should deliver up to 33.3MB/s, but am unsure if the rate reported by Nero CD-SPEED’s test (23MB/s in my case, with a pressed video DVD in the drive) is more like a ‘real world’ figure or not.

I’m running XP SP2, the drive is alone on the secondary IDE port on the my KT6V motherboard, jumpered as master. It’s connected to the end connector of an 80-core flat IDE cable. XP reports that it is currently using Ultra DMA Mode 2.

I measured the rate with Nero CD/DVD-SPEED v3.61, with all extraneous processes closed down (I also ran the test with Task Manager open, and it only registered 1-2% CPU usage).

Windows, my BIOS and all mobo drivers are all bang-up-to-date.

Could anyone clarify a few things for me:

Should I expect to get anywhere near 33MB/s?
What rates do other users get?
Would 23MB/s cause any problems?
Is there anything I can do to improve it?


The 832 is only an 8X drive and you will have no problem. 23MB/s is just enough to support a 16X drive.