Slow Initialization LH-20A1P

I just installed this on an older HP 8870. During boot up, the startup slows down when it hits this DVD player, stays on it for about 15 seconds, then goes on to boot normally. Does anyone else experience this? I have another drive on the slave same channel, a Memorex 52maxx (another Liteon I believe) and it flies right thru it during bootup.

One question “Do you have an 80 wire cable hooked up to the 20A1P drive and have it set to Master?”

This older motherboard only has one blue ide socket (IDE1) and I have the hard drive on it. The other (IDE2) is black, so I had to connect it on that one. I used a normal cable, thinking it didn’t matter since the port was not high speed. The drive is set properly to master and I even tried cable select, same deal. Today I started it and the computer can’t find the drive, though it is still being listed on bootup as slow as ever. I’ll try the 80 cable and if that doesn’t work, swap my BenQ with it to see if I get better results.

By the way, you had two questions, not one ;)…

Swapped the cable, still takes some 30 seconds on bootup stuck at the drive and the light is lit and the drive is accessed a few times. I am able to burn using Nero Essentials 7 and scan disks w/ CD Speed. I am unable to use Ripit4me, latest version (this is key, reason why I got the drive). It gets stuck at “accessing the drive.” DMA is set to select if available.

But what’s the Current Transfer Mode? Should be UDMA 4 :slight_smile:

UDMA Mode 2. There is no BIOS upgrade available for my MB.
I have also tried it alone and with another device. This is my MB: Others have had problems with IDE devices on IDE2 w/ VIA chipsets.

I swapped the connections, now have Liteon drive on IDE1 and Hard Drive on IDE2. Now IDE1 has switched from UDMA Mode 4 to 2 (with the DVD drive) and IDE2 is now running at UDMA Mode 4. The problem is following the DVD drive. I’m going to install another DVDR on this machine.

Make sure the IDE cable connected to the LiteOn is an 80-wire one, just to rule that out. :slight_smile:

smata67. :slight_smile:
This is an old VIA KM133 board (aka crap Apollo KT133A with added S3 graphic) only able to deliver ATA66 IDE speed at best. Not that many have been able to achieve UDMA-4 operation on both IDE channels though, if any at all.

Spending time and money on a this board is just a waste of money. Get a new system if you wanna troublefree operation and a safe home for your new Litey. :wink:

This unit was a curbside pickup, so I can’t complain. 250 GB HDD, 512MB Ram, TNT2 Pro card, 1.2 Duron, somebody’s idea of garbage. I’d be happy with UDMA 2, but I’m not getting RIPIT4ME or Decrypter to recognize it. I’ll try installing the BENQ on it to see what happens.

I moved my DW1650 over to this machine, best it will do is UDMA Mode 2, but, unlike the Liteon, it works in Ripit4me. Pinto2 is right on, this chipset is a dog.

Could be the reason why it was as you said a curbside pickup :doh: