Slow file copy from cd-r with 1640 benq. Help


I’m getting extremly slow file copy times with my benq 1640.
I’m trying to copy a 500mb file from a cd-r to the hard drive. It’s taking almost 10 minutes. the drive sounds very quiet so it’s not spinning that fast.

I checked device manager and dma is enabled. it burns jsut fine, dvd’s anyway, i don’t have any blank cd’s to check. any thoughts? Thanks,


CD going bad?

This could be happening after the quality scan by nero cd-dvd speed, because it change default speed settings.

the cd is fine, i have tried others too.

I ran nero cdspeed and did a transfer rate test. it spun up nice and loud and ws fine.see… i have tried copying the file with windows explorer and powerdesk. any other thoughts??

I tried doing the same thing,but with a dvd-r. It copied a 1 gig file from the benq to hard drive in about a minute,very fast.but from a cd very slow.