Slow file access on DVD+R Burn. Help!


I recently started burning some +R discs with a Plextor 708a. I am using Memorex and Verbatim discs. I am only doing backup’s of files of my harddrive currently.

The problem i have is when i go to access those discs in my plextor or samsung dvd-rom it takes along time to open .rar files or anything else on the disk. Browsing the directores is quick and copying files from the disks back to the harddrive is fast but trying to open a rar file is really slow. However the rar’s are parts of large iso’s. Is this normal?

The dvd-rom is running in UltraDMA mode and the Plextor is installed in a External Box runnning on a firewire interface.



If the RAR files are large then I’m not surprised it takes a long time. If your drive is operating in UDMA mode 2 then I don’t think there is anything you can do to speed up the process. What’s your hardware config?

Thanks for the reply. They are very large rar files. Combined they would be about 700megs.

My hardware config is a P4 2.4 1gig of ram. So i think that should be plent fast. I do notice copying files off the drive and smaller files are okay so it must just be the big files.


Yes, I’m almost certain that is causing the slow performance.