Slow extraction LG GCR-8521B

Hi everybody,
I have just installed a samsung 48 24 48 writer (8mb buffer) and a lG GCR-8521B 52x cd-drive and i am quite disappointed. I write cd-r @ 16x max with easy cd creator 5 (one full audio cd in 7-8 min). It seems that the cd drive extracts audio @ only 6x! Can anybody help me? Should I expect better performance from this cd-drive? Can I do something to improve DAE and writing speed.

MSI 850Emax
P4 2ghz 512 DDR
Maxtor 80Go 8Mo cache
Win ME


Is it in DMA mode?
Some drives slow down audio rips to get the best quality.

LG 52x extracts starting at 9x and ending at 19x.

I don’t know if Easy CD Creator (I don’t use it) uses a burning engine with RAM buffer.
If you use a program with RAM buffer, like Feurio, you can set up a large buffer, in order to let the burner read from there at 16x while the CDROM is still reading below 16x. I mean, the buffer will tend to get empty, but if the CDROM reaches enough speed to feed the burner (16x) before the buffer gets empty, you will save buffer underruns.
In any case, a good RAM buffer will “absorb” a lot of buffer underruns, and the writing time will be faster.

The DAE quality of LG 52x with difficult CDs isn’t specially good, also. LG burners are much better buy (if you don’t mind price).

Thanks for yours answers. I’ll try FEURIO.

Hmmmz 6x is way to slow. Do like Donald said and check in the device manager (IDE controller/channel properties) if DMA is enabled for your CDRW drive. MultiWord DMA should be fine, any higher DMA mode is even better.