Slow explorer right-click menu / blinking busy pointer with BitTorrent Sync 2



Over the past few weeks I started having the following issues that would appear intermittently:

[li]Right-clicking items on my desktop took several seconds for the pop-up menu to appear.
[/li][li]The mouse pointer kept flashing busy (blue circle in Windows 8.1) every 2 seconds.

If I rebooted the PC, the problem generally went away for a while and sometimes wouldn’t show again for a few days, so initially I put it down to a OneDrive for Business issue, particularly with it giving me serious resource hog problems in the past.

With the issue again today, I decided to investigate and used NirSoft’s ShellExView utility to try disabling extensions using a process of elimination. I disabled half the non-Microsoft items, then enabled half of these and so on until I narrowed down on the culprit.

It turned out to be four culprits - All BitTorrent Sync 2.0 related (BTSync2.0.105), shown below with ‘Yes’ in the ‘Disabled’ column:

The first three were causing my mouse to flash busy every 2 seconds, so no more blinking circle now. The Context Menu item a little further down added a 7 second delay to the right-click menu. With this disabled, the right-click menu comes up instantly.

I don’t recall having this issue with BitTorrent Sync 1.x.

Probably time for me to look at another sync tool, considering there other are free sync tools now available. :slight_smile: