Slow error skipping in Alcohol (2 questions)

My main question is, I have an Optiarc 7170A drive which works great with reading normal discs. However, when I try to copy a protected disc with “errors” (Safedisc) on them it does not skip them fast. One disc took almost 40 minutes to read because of the “errors” :a . Is there any way to fix this? I have error skipping enabled.

Second question is, what is a good DVD burner that is great at reading copy protected discs?

First of all, safedisc uses errors on the disc to try to stop you from copying with standard software. Normal software really takes forever to get over these errors. Alcohol will ignore these errors (fast skipping) if you tell it to do so. However, in order to make sure that it is actually getting the “wrong data right” so to speak, it has to read the data multiple times and compare. This takes a while. 40 minutes is actually pretty good. It took me 58 minutes on a Benq 1655 to create an image of one of the Star Wars discs.

Second, go to the Optical Drives Forum and start reading. It all depends on your mix of protections and what else you want to do with your burner.