Slow DVDRW reading/writing problem



I have an “antic” Duron 750MHz, 256 Mb SDRAM, HDD Western Digital 5600rpm. Chipset SIS 730S.
HDD - Primary Master.
DVDRW TEAC DV-W516GA (16x) - Secondary Master.
CDRW SONY CRX 160E - Secondary Slave.
Windows XP Pro installed.

My DVDRW read/write quite slowly (max. 2.2x).
I have downloaded the latest SIS IDE Controller, and I tryied any other solutions. In vain.

What can I do further? :bow:
And… please… no “get a new computer” advice!!! :smiley:


Not much you can do with that 5600 rpm drive. Verify in BIOS that all devices connected to Primary and Secondary IDE channels are set to AUTO detect. Boot into windows and delete primary and secondary IDE channels from Device Manager. Reboot and verify in Device Manager that all devices connect to the two IDE CHANNELS are set to use and run in DMA mode.

The read speed of dual layer DVDs may not go much higher if the DVD burner has riplock ENABLED on the drive.


Thank you very much for answering me.
I don’t know what “riplock ENABLED on the drive” is… can you provide more help?
I mean… can I turn that “riplock” off?