Slow DVDRW problem

(sorry if this is in the section…total noobie)

Hi guys, could anyone help out a total noob!??

i got an Exprex dvd DL 16x dvdrw for crimbo & i cant for the life of me get it to work at full speed.

I am running win2000
anthlon xp 2000
80gig hd

it says on the box that it should read @ 16x but when i use nero test it can only go to 2.86 :-S

i have no idea where to start…it has the latest firmware…do i need more ram?

When i use clone DVD it will copy a CD in 40 mins but then will take 98mins oto burn onto a Bulkpack (orange) 8x disk.

could anyone help me out here?
thank you very much in advance,


Sounds like your drive is in PIO mode and not DMA.

Look here how to do it.

thanks man, that makes a world of difference…is this a common problem that everone knows about and im just a noob or not ?


You are quite right :slight_smile: