Slow DVD to DVD copying!



Hi, i’ve been backing up my movies for a few months now. I was using some cheap 4x discs that i got on boxing day and everything was fine, copying from my burned disc to another blank took about 15 minutes at 4x. this week i purchased 2x50 spindles of Ritek 8x DVD-R (G05 media code) to speed up copying and improve quality. the first burn, from DVD shrink using nero to burn works fine at 8x. without changing anything hardware-wise, or any software settings, the new discs take around 20 minutes to copy (even though everything says 8x and the countdown goes from 6 minutes (ish) to 0, then just stops at 0 for the rest of the burn. I would have assumed that it was my old, DVD-ROM, except that it got slower with the newer, better, faster media. any help is greatly appreciated.


update: copying at 4x is faster (same old 14 minutes) could it just be that my DVD-ROM cant read faster than 4x? i think ill buy a new DVD-ROM tomorrow and find out, unless you have some better ideas in the next 16ish hours