I have recently bought a HP pavilion notebook, which has a LG DVDRAM GSA-4084N, ive been noting that the read speed for the dvd’s is very slow it never seems to get above 3x and that only towards the end of the disk which takes about 20-23 mins, altho when burning the same data back to another dvd i am still able to achieve the full 8x that the drive is capable of, why is the drive reading data so slowly ??

Is the disc bad?
Have you enabled DMA?

Sounds like a riplock. If DMA wasn’t enabled, I would guess 8x burning wouldn’t be achievable. :slight_smile:

whats a riplock? - how do i solve that?

yeah i do have DMA enabled and the disks are fine, they work fine on my desktop

It’s a “feature” of some DVD drives, to make them less noisy when reading data from a DVD - say, when you’re watching a movie.

Unfortunately, it can slow the reading down a lot.

There is modified firmware about that’ll take care of it, but a) I’m not sure if any exists for your model, and b) you’ll void the warranty on that notebook if you use modded firmware.


What app are you actually reading the DVD with?