Slow DVD-ROM since installing 2500A

Ever since installing my NEC 2500A, I’ve been unable to use my Matshita DVD-ROM. At first I thought it was just DVD+RW discs the Matshita had a problem reading (and was advised to adjust the booktype) but it’s every disc. The drive is SLOW.

Studio pressed DVDs, audio CDs, PC software, CD-RW discs… when I put them in the drive, it takes the computer about a minute to read them. In the interim, the computer basically freezes. Then, I hear a whirring and the disc is read and I’m able to use the computer again. But accessing the disc, such as using Explorer to open a file, makes the computer freeze for another minute.

I’ve tried updating the firmware for the drive. It had no effect. The NEC is Secondary Master. The Matshita is Secondary Slave.

I’d like to be able to use my DVD-ROM again. Any advice?

had the same thing happen to me with my matshita dvd-rom on my laptop

Try moving your Matshita DVD-ROM onto your Primary IDE channel.
If that doesn’t work, you can try a new 80 wire UDMA cable.

Make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive.

  • DMA is enabled for the drive.
  • I can’t switch the DVD-ROM to Primary because the cable won’t reach.
  • Would this cable be a sufficient replacement for the 40 wire one my DVD drives are connected to now? Or is there a better/cheaper one?

That cable would do fine!
You could probably pick one up locally also if you’d prefer.
Fry’s Electronics sells them pretty cheap.