Slow DVD ripping speeds, please help!

Hi all

I have read numerous threads here but have yet to slove my problem, when ripping with DVD decrypter (last version) I can only manage x2 (approx 1hr for a DVD9).

MB: Gigabit GA K8N ULTRA 9
CPU AMD Athlon 64 1.8GHz
OS: XP SP2 / Suse9.3
HD: 40GB (8/8/24) IDE0 M
DVD: ND-2510A (x12) IDE1 M

DMA is on, I have disabled the nforce drivers and are using windows stardard IDE drivers. Windows is using stardard DVD ROM drivers for the device. I tried to flash the DVD but the flash program says nothing detected to flash.

I had the HD & DVD running on an old system like a dream with DVD decrypter, shrink & nero, only slow bit was shrink, so hence the upgrade.

Please help :sad:


@ burningfire,

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To ensure that you have DMA set correctly suggest viewing the below forum posting concerning DMA and note Forum Member ireland’s (posting #4) comments concerning setting DMA.

If in fact you determine that DMA is set correctly suggest visiting the CD Freaks NEC DVD Burner Forum ( and look for information on firmware for your NEC ND-ND-2510A that has riplock removed firmware. To obtain information on how to correctly install NEC DVD firmware refer to the “Read First” postings in the beginning of the NEC DVD Burner Forum.

To obtain riplock removed firmware for you NEC ND-ND-2510A visit the below link and navigate to the ND-2510 page and look for “Riplock Removed” firmware.

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Thanks for the info, I checked the DMA in device manager

IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> NVIDIA nForce4 Parallel ATA controller->

primary channel master (maxtor6E040L0)
mode: ultra DMA6 -ultra133
bios select transfer mode enabled
read & write caching enabled

Secondary master (_NEC DVD_RW N-2510A)
mode: ultra DMA2 -ultra33
bios select transfer mode enabled

I also checked the keyreg but no checksum was present in any of the folders 0000 to 0008.

I tried to reflash the Dvd drive but get “Target NEC ND-2510A is not found correctly”

Dual layer DVDs rips at a slower rate than single layer but both start off at x2 and creep up slowly DL about x3 and SL to about X4.

I did note some loud varbitions noises when the drive starts to read for the first time but then it stops.