Slow dvd rip

i have a toshiba dvd sd-m1612. the dvd speed is 16x but when i rip a dvd the speed is 2x, what’s wrong

You are using Smartripper or something similar? Because it’s normal that ripping speed is lower than normal reading speed. Ripping programs decrypt the css protection (and/or Macrovision) and this decryption takes some time.

However, 2x is very slow, even for decryption. Maybe your DVD is slower for decryption compared to other drives. (my pioneer 16x rips at 8x if I remember well).

Other option is, that DMA is not enabled on your DVD. How is your IDE-devices setup? (master, slave, primary, secondary?)

the dma is enable and the dvd is connect at the secondary ide (slave) with master my plextor cdrw

Maybe you can try with your CDRW disconnected and your DVD as master on secondary. (just for testing; you never know) If it doesn’t go faster, you can put your CDRW back in.

(don’t forget to re-enable DMA if you change the IDE setup)

I have the same drive and use smartripper to rip dvd’s.
My speed is about 10x with the tosh.

It’s master on IDE 1 (I’m using XP)