Slow dvd reading and burning dw-d56a

My Sony DW-D56A has been reading and writing a x1 for the last 3 months. I’ve only had the Dell Inspiron 9300 5 months! Dell can’t help (surprise surprise!) and I’ve been on here before to no avail. So I’m appealing one last time before I give up on the whole thing and through the whole dvd burner out!

Things started well. The dvd was reading and writing at x8. Then things suddenly stopped. Everything went to x1. It can’t be the software I’m using as it’s reading slow as well as burning. I defragged my hard drive and that didn’t work. The other thing I’ve heard is that it can be to do with your transfer modes. They can switch from DMA to PIO. But I’m still on PIO.

The only other thing is that although Device 0 and Device 1 are on DMA, the current transfer mode says not applicable on Device 1 while Device 0 says Ultra DMA mode 5. I read that if they both don’t show Ultra DMA mode 5 then you have to unistall the driver. I did this and it is still showing not applicable in Device 1.

Can anyone help? Please!!!

Not applicable means that there’s nothing connected so N/A. The UDMA mode 5 device is your hard drive & presumably this is the master on the Primary Channel.

Try uninstalling the driver on the secondary IDE channel as this seems to be where the problem is.


I actually found somewhere else immediately after posting that told me that it was my secondary IDE channel that I need to uninstall. Just checked a dvd and everything is working super fast again.

Thanks very much for your quick response.