Slow DVD read on PX-716SA

Greetings all,

I’ve had a Plextor PX-716A for several months now. It was a real pain in the butt at first because I couldn’t get it to read (er… rip) DVDs at a decent speed. The time to complete ripping of one DVD was an hour and twenty minutes! Somehow, the problem was resolved and I was very happy. Of course… (always something) my wife had to bust the tray off my PX-716A and cause me some grief. I decided to get a PX-716SA (sata) because I like SATA stuff better anyway. Now, the same problem is happening on this drive that happened when I first got my ide version! I haven’t a clue as to how I fixed it last time. I’m sure somewhere in PlexTools. I have turned on SpeedRead, which I remember I had to do last time. SilentMode is off, VariRec is off.

Also… When the drive is reading DVDs, it sounds a lot quieter than my old one. My old one sounded like a jet engine when reading DVDs. This one hardly makes any noise at all. SilentMode is off, I verified.

Anyone have ideas? I would appreciate any help greatly!

Dave Eckert

Sometimes with mine anyways speed read does not stay enabled even when it is checked for enabled. You can check Plextools with a disc in the drive and it will tell you what speed is available. Also holding the eject button for 3 seconds will enable speed read. HTH.

just like what crossg said, but you should also make sure the settings of SILENT MODE when it is enabled because even when speedread was enabled, the SILENT MODE was stuck at 2x clv & 716a was not reading anything fast.

you should either disable the silent mode or save silent mode the setting to the drive

Ok. I tried the trick with the button and the green light did blink and the drive open when I released it. No help, though. I’ve been in Plextools all night looking for options. The options just seem to change themselves to random stuff! Is there any way to force changes in the registry or something where they won’t change? Also, plextools seems to be ignoring my changes and doing what it wants. Various options turn on and off depending on when I’m in the program. I do have the option checked to save changes on exit. Anyone know why this stuff keeps changing? I’m very confused.

Also, I sent an email to Plextor Technical Support. Some guy named Jack replied back with a canned answer that said I needed to check my DMA settings. After I explained it was a 716-SA AND I said it was SATA. I attached a printout from Plextools as well, so it should have been obvious. I wrote them an email back and said I wanted a real answer so go ahead and escalate it.

Anyone have any ideas? I appreciate everyone who’s giving me pointers!


For me, PTP remembers the options only if I choose “exit” in the optinons menu, which closes the program down. If I just change the options and then e.g. close down Windows, nothing is saved. So you might try to set the options as you like, then choose “exit” and restart the program. If the options have been remembered, it worked.

Nero Extract real slow with PX-716A on DVDs (it took me 45mins per disc and buffer can never be filled), Try blindwrite or alcohol 120% (roughly 15 min per disc).

Ok. It didn’t solve the problem, but it showed me at least what ballpark it’s in. I installed Alcohol 120% and started a rip, and it was locked at 2.0x. I seem to remember that being the read speed by default for DVD-ROMs. So… I did the three seconds on the button trick. Didn’t work. The rip with Alcohol 120% was still locked at 2.0x. Any ideas on this one? I’m kind of lost with the three second button thing not working. But… At least I know I’m not on crack like Plextor seemed to think I was!