Slow DVD copy when using two drives

If I try and copy a DVD using two drives it takes about 30 minutes. If I use one drive - copy to HD, put in bland and then burn it takes about 5 minutes. I have tried this with two different drives with the same results. I checked the DMA and that is fine. Both drives are on the same IDE. Any ideas?


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This job called “Multitasking” and unless you have Multitasking processor and multitasking compatable motherboard you will have slow down process when you try to burn in two drive simultaneously.

Yes!!! both your drives are on the same IDE !

He says his both drive are in the same IDE and asking for the solution to his problem.

Wierd - I just switched the physical location of the drives and the jumpers and the speed dramatically increased to the point that the 2 drive copy was the same speed as the single drive copy. I now have a Samsung 16X drive as the master and a NEC 16x as the slave. Don’t know why it works but I’m not doing any more experiments.

It’s not really recommended to do straight disc-to-disc copying like this as any read error can result in a failed burn.

Also it seems that you might be lucky with the speed as it’s usually best to have the source & destination drives on separate IDE channels/cables. Maybe the Samsung is a UDMA mode 4 device that’s now working properly in mode 4.