Slow DVD burning with Acer TM 8204WLMi


My Acer won’t burn DVD media faster than about 2.3X. It’s a Matshita UJ-850s DVD-RAM drive and the media is e-Proformance (Prodisc03), rated 8X. Anyone know what’s going on? I have a bunch of this media, and really would like to use them at full speed. DMA is enabled.

Thanks in advance

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Check if DMA is enabled

However, I suggest you to buy better media; prodisc media are know to degrade very fast in time

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DMA is enabled. Maybe the burner just doesn’t like this media. I’m hoping for a new firmware that might adress this issue, and that hopefully will add support for bitsetting.
Maybe I will have to try another media then. Any suggestions? TY is not that easy to come by here. Prodisc worked very well in my NEC 3500, so I kinda sticked to it.

Perhaps Verbatim will be easier for you to get there, although you haven’t said where you are from. I would suggest the Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) if you could get them there, as they tend to be a little better than the DVD-R (MCC02RG20) in some cases.

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To be sure that your burner don’t support this media, you can do a little test.

Run cd-dvd speed, load a disc in the drive and see what speeds are supported

Nero CDSpeed says that max supported speed for my media is 4x. But I only get half of that. I suppose I have to check out some Verbatim media of higher quality. Btw, I’m Norwegian. :iagree:

Hi. Does it burn any other DVDs faster than 2.4x ?

I don’t know yet, but I’ll purchase some other media and find out. I sure hope it does.