Slow DVD burning speeds

Hello guys been searching the forums and checking the guides for the entire day now, with no luck.

I have a Sony 510a, 500a and a NEC 1300a drive.
As i said i have tried some guides outline on the forums but i still get about 2x burning speeds. (a full discs takes about 30 mins even with 4x selected)

This is my PC setup

Atholon 2100+
512 ram
two hard drives 120 master/ 160 slave on the same cable
The sony 510a is slave on the secondary channel with a goldstar 4521b as master
Latest VIA 4 in 1 drivers
All DMA is enabled.

The funny thing is i tried NERO CD/DVD speed as it say its doin 4x fine at 15mins with CPU strain at 10%. I have also tried each drive with the same problem. Also my HD tranfer rate is fine.

I am really at wits end with this guys … any help?

What program are you burning with? Check the settings in that program (i.e. burn speed). Also check that your media is certified to burn at your desired speed. Maybe also check to see if you have latest firmware for your drive.

Quick Update…
I tried all the major burnig progs… nero/record now 4.5 and the latest/blindwrite…the media i tried are all certified 4x ridata/prodisc
I also have the latest hacked firmware installed on the drives.
The only program that seem to come close to the correct speeds is Alcohol 120%…
But it is still strange to have all of those program fail and Alcohol 120% work…
It is also worthwhile to note that the simulation write mode on all these programs produces correct speeds, but the actuall burning is slower.

Go into Device Manager, and remove both the primary and secondary IDE channels. Reboot PC and windows with reload these drivers. Boot back to BIOS and verify that ALL DEVICES (hard drives and optical drives) are set to AUTO and running in DMA mode.

Use DVD Decrypter to rip the data to the hard drive and Nero to burn the data to your DVD. Also try DVD Decrypter with CloneDVD2. Still no joy? What about AnyDVD and CloneDVD2? The default setting for CloneDVD2 is Maximum speed.

Note that DVD Decrypter will provide you with real-time rip speed. If you can’t get past 2x (riplock removed), then you MAY not be able to write at 4x or faster.

You could always try a better DVD media. Fuji Taiyo Yudens are on sale at Best Buy (50 for $20).

Well, what furballi said worked … kinda … I have a MSI mobo (cant remeber what version it is at te moment). Since ALL DEVICES were already set to auto i decided to change both DVD drives that is hooked up to CD/DVD mode and presto the drive burns at a comfortable 4x in 15 mins now.
Anyway thanks for those that took the time to read and reply to my post. i hope this little tidbit helps anyone who was in the same position as i.