Slow downloads over Bit Torrent

Hi All,

Read this thread with some interest as I had the very same problem(s) when I first started out with torrents.

To cut a long story short (lots of experimenting with clients and firewalls) I binned Norton 2004 and Azureus (sorry CD1986 it ain’t the best client for this situation) and loaded Zone Alarm Security Suite and BitComet 0.56.

The good thing about BitComet is that it can automatically configure NAT/Fireqwall settings.

Before BitComet trackers were seeing me as “not connectable”, since the change all is well. Take the headache out of port-forwarding and firewall programming - change to BitComet

Not true at all… :wink:
These are the kind of speed I mostly get with just as little as 15+ peers/seeders:
(Just make sure you’re !!!Connectable!!! = Green ‘light’ in BitTornado.
I also heard that XP SP2 can cause lower speeds because of MS did somthing to the amount of concurrently open TCP sockets)

Look at that!! Those are the kinds of speeds I’m talking about! Can it be site dependent? Does one site have more or better seeds than others?

seeds are people who have downloaded already leaving it open (basically). you can choose a completed download, and seed it.

OK, maybe it was a miscommunication. Say I go to Site A and Site B. Both have what I want. Can Site A be faster than Site B? Should I surf around and find sites that have good or better speeds? or are they all the same? :confused:

You know what? My ISP blocks ALL pings. I can’t ping any computer outside my LAN. I was wondering if that can be the cause of my slow downloads. Can it? I mean that would mean that no one can download off of me, so I would be not sharing, right? I am constantly getting yellow lights in both Azureus and Bit Tornado. But DC++ works fine uploading and downloading. So I’m not so sure…Please help. Thanks.

sites dont have speeds. its a peer to peer software. the site is the tracker for all the peers out there.

thax guys! I just thort it was my crapy connection (aol :a) but with your help i get 56Kb/s odd :bigsmile:


I am not sure if this only works with trusty files or if the patch will fix it for everything but there is a patch for the sp2 thing. Look at the news on cdfreaks home page for nov 4. Click on the trusty files story and clik on the link at the end of the story “windows xp sp2 support page here” for the patch.

cos i felt lazy and wished ripit had posted the links here they are hopefully this will make all my d/l green:

News Story incase anyone wanted to read it (that program sounds interestin mite have to see what others say bout it)
Link To Patch

I would have posted the links but I had so many downloads and torrents going at the time my browser was running slower than it did on dial up (all my bandwith used up I guess plus shared conection and it was pretty slow). didn’t feel like spending 10 minutes waiting for pages to load to find it.

I dont really likr the reactions that people have posted i think my speed is ok it ranges from 50kb/s -250kb/s just depending on the seed ratio…I think im going to pass on this one

Personally I think that bit torrent works pretty well (particularlly with very large files). . I have noticed that torrents tend to speed up and slow down. It may be running somewhat faster at times that you are not watching it. What really matters is your total download time. Even with slower torrents, I have found it to be much more reliable than other p2p networks (just my own personal experience). Even if it takes the same amount of time, if you have a beter chance of getting the whole file intact then it’s beter, and if it does happen to be quicker with a particular torrent thats a bonus. There is one thing that you have to remember with any kind of p2p file sharing. You can only download as fast others are uploading and there is no exception to that rule. My guess is that since bit torrent forces you to share the file that you are uploading, you have beter chances at speed and completion since everybody is forced to share. I have had torrents with only a couple of seeds get pretty decent speeds and remember, if you tend to leave downloads unatended for long periods, you are still sharing after the file completes, even if you do not show up as a seed. Just my own from my own personla experiences, I like bit torrent.

also, i have NEVER got a non-working/fake torrent.
alot of the files on other networks are fake.

ben :slight_smile:

Hi huys… i just joined he forum.

Ive got a 1024kb with an alcatel speed touch pro ADSL modem being shared on a wireless lan. I have 4 workstations and one access point which they connect to.

I am having the same problem that most of u had… very slow connection when using bit torrent. (Turbo Torrent)

can anyone find instructions for me to configure my pro modem (port forwarding or whatever) so that i can get full use of my connection??

would appreciate the help.

ip of my modem -
ip of access point -
ip of my client (using bit torrent) -

anyone can help?? would be much appreciated!


From what I gathered:

Port forwarding is necessary. Forward ports 6881-6890 to your computer. You also must allow BT to access through your firewall. Make sure your BT client is using port 6881. Aside from that…it should work. It still doesn’t work very well at home. But I get pretty good speeds at work with same configuration and same client. I think it has to do with me not being able to ping outside (my IPS blocks pings). I’m not sure.

I would have posted the links but I had so many downloads and torrents going at the time my browser was running slower than it did on dial up (all my bandwith used up I guess plus shared conection and it was pretty slow). didn’t feel like spending 10 minutes waiting for pages to load to find it.

haha yea kno wat u mean ive been downloading like mad so far i’ve downloaded about 15-20 gigs in bout a week jus need to sort out the video probs im havin at the mo and ill be cool

it doesnt need to be those ports (…thinkin of changin mine if thats what everyone uses for BT) as long as the ports u forward match the ports u set in ur BT client… also if ur client is only gonna use one port as above suggested theres no point in openin up extra points, jus an unnecessary opening…
also check the earlier posts someone put up a site that tells u how to forward ur ports for different routers (hopefully urs is on there!) think it was but prob best to double check

and ben so far ive only ever had one non-working torrent but was only an album so not the end of the world

edit: edta try changin ur ports to somethin else it could be that they block the most common ports for p2p programs and the 68xx-69xx range is popular as hell for BT

has anyone here done port forwarding on an alcatel speed touch pro ADSL modem? the best i could find was the following: (and i tried it)

As an example of port forwarding, lets say we want to run an FTP Server on a PC with a Local IP of

First Telnet to the Router by clicking on Start > Run and typing telnet <enter>
A DOS looking window will open up and ask for a password.
Assuming you haven’t set a password on the Modem, just press <enter>
OzCableguy Telnet lesson: For a full list of Telnet commands type help <enter> Type any of the commands you see followed by a ? to see what each of the commands can do.
Ok, Telnet lesson over… Back to the task at hand.
Type nat <enter>
It will answer with Nat=>
Type create <enter>
It will answer with protocol=>
Type tcp <enter>
It answers with inside_addr=>
Type <enter> (or whatever local PC your Service is running on)
It answers with inside_port=>
Type 21 <enter> (for FTP. Other Services you’ll need to find out what port number is necessary)
It answers with outside_addr=>
Type <enter>
It answers with outside_port=>
Type 21 <enter>
While it’s still in the NAT command, type “save” to make the changes permanent or they will be lost when the Router reboots.
That’s it.

also which address should i forward to? the address of my access point or the address of my workstation??

would think it would be ur workstation… doesnt ur router have a browser interface? try typin in the ip address of ur router in IE or whatever and see if it will open the routers interface in that? would prob be a lot easier that way…

also that way it doesnt tell u how to do a range so u’ll have to repeat that for the max client number u plan on runnin at once

My last post was trashed… but here goes… i’ve post a solution for this type of problem on some other forum before, but i’m a bit lazy tonite and some more the post is long and tiring, as for that i’ll provide you with the link to the page containing the solution how to detect and remedy your BT connection so that you can download like a speed demon… A few ppl also provided their findings and solution, these are excellent and many ppl have already gain the download rates that compliment their DSL connection…ok here’s the link: