Slow downloads over Bit Torrent

Hello All,
I keep reading about all the sucess stories of BT but I’m not seeing it. My downloads are SLOOOOWWWW…I get 1 or 2kB/s. If I’m lucky, I might see as high as 5. Other people are seeing 55+KB/s. I tried everything, from different sites, to using a client like Azeurus (chk spelling). Nothing works.

Can BT be limited by my ISP? I am behind a router, and I am on “obtain IP automatically”. Do I still need to port forward? I’ve heard people saying that BT users behind routers need to port forward. I have a firewall too but I made BT related stuff “allowed”. What else do I have to do? Please help! :bow:

You definitely need to port forward to get good download speeds. If your router has a hardware firewall (like mine) then you will need to access the settings of that firewall and forward a particular port - any port above 6890 will do

Then make sure your bit-torrent client (Azureus is the best) is set to download through the port you forwarded. If you have any software firewalls active, you will need to forward the port through that as well. :slight_smile:

For help with port forwarding (search for your specific model of router), take a look at

Good luck

with my ports forwarded, i can get around 300 kbps. before, it would require constant resetting of the download.

I believe opening ports is usually more successful than port forwarding, tell us what model of router you have for mre accurate help.

I have a DL-614+. It has been a while but I think I even tried BT while my computer was outside the DMZ. That should’ve left me wide open with all ports open but still I’m getting crappy download speeds.

At one point I had my computer set outside the DMZ, yet I was still getting crappy downloads. Sitting outside the DMZ should have opened all my ports. I haven’t had to to try port forwarding yet. I’ll try today. But judging that I was still getting slow speeds while outside the DMZ, do you think port forwarding will have an impact?

How do you forward the port through a firewall? I’m using the Windows XP SP2 firewall. When it detects that a new program wants to access the internet, I can either block or unblock it. So do I simply allow Azureus to have access to the internet? Or is there something else involved? I think I’ve even tried disabling my firewall for sometime to see if the firewall was the issue but no go…Still slow :confused:

I have this router myself…are you problems coming from the computer that hardwired to the router or the wireless connection?

It is from the hardwire. I take it you are getting decent speeds…How are you doing it? Did you have to port forward and all that? How do you pass it through the firewall?

I too only get 2 or 5 kbps. I dont have a router, but i use Windows XP Firewall. Is that hindering my downloads? Thanx:cool:

personally ive only heard bad things about windows firewall… my advice get a proper firewall and disable that…

secondly aint port forwarding/ opening the same thing?

forward the ports in ur router… (mine was in virtual servers) pick a port range (i done a range of 4 - so it would be like 6900-6903 - the range is the amount of Bit Torrent downloads u can have runnin at once so if u plan on havin a lot open at once make it bigger or if only a few then make it smaller if u feel) start a download and go to prefs in the actual client (i use Bit Tornado) and set the same port range as the ports u set in ur router…

next close and restart the download and if all goes well the light will turn green (again i use Bit Tornado but im guessin theres some way to see if ur connected properly)

also remember some downloads never turn green i’ve got 2 runnin right now and one is green and the other isnt for some reason but if u neva see the green light then u need more help…

let me kno how it goes…

I think it can vary from torent to torent and from time to time (how many people are on the torent, how many seeders etc, conections speed of other users, others settings). A diqal up user cannot exactly provide you I have 9 torrents running right now and they are all running at diffrent speeds. the fastest is running at about 60kbs where as the slowest is running at 2-3kbs, some around 10kbs, others around 20-25kbs. I have seen the same torent be at 2-3kbs and then at 20-30kbs later the same day.
Fyi, my computer just crashed (conflict with a new raid array that I havent worked out yet) but before it crashed all 9 had green lights (bit tornado).

kds, which firewall do you suggest?

ripit, those download speeds are the speeds i experienced with Kazaa. Hmm maybe i’ll investigate the torrent/port issue.

at the mo im using norton internet security 2005 (as this is supposed to be the best on the market at the mo) but before i used mcafee and sygate with no probs

i figured this out u aint gona get high speeds unless their r hundreds of seeds if ur lookin to get more than 60 KIB/s,and KIB/s is what bit torrent dl’s in u gotta look for files with like a 1000+ seedsif their is only a 100 seeds or less ur lookin at maby 15 KIB/s max.

^^not at all… ive had a lot more then 60 of jus a couple of seeds also u can download of leechers aswell but depends on how many slots everyone has open and their upload speeds…

Did some port forwarding and I’m using Bit Tornado. Things look promising. On some dls I was able to consistently hit 20KB/s. I had a lot of seeds though. Still there were some dls that wouldn’t even start and stayed yellow. I guess I need more seeds for these?

What site do people recommend going where people seed a lot? I’m interested in anime.

u can try and see how that goes

and for reviews on anime (helps me a lot cos most i aint even heard of so it helps to kno wat its about) <-- Read =)