Slow downloads on torrents

I am using uTorrent but every file I download using it is really slow usually 5kbs. I have forwarded to port for this program and I have a 1mb connection and my PC is running on Windows XP SP2. Can anyone tell why it is so slow

What have you set your download & upload limits to?

What firewall are you using & have you opened up the port so that you get the nice green tick showing?

I’ve only just started using utorrent & on my 2mb line I can get 200kbs.

Listen mate, I’ve been having the same problems as you. I already posted a similar thread here:

I’ve tried all the suggestions other people made but to no avail. My download sppeds did improve slightly but not with the kind of speeds I was expecting.

You might want to have a good look through the above thread and try some of the things suggested there.

ive used and it is far better than alot of the clients that ive used.if you have a modem you need to configure the firewall on it.also depending on your ip they may not allow you to download from such a program.go to utorrent site and you`ll find some help there on most issues.

go to speed guide and test forwarded port

The tracker/s you are using will also play a part, torrents from public trackers are crap and you will very rarely get good speeds, try and find some private trackers that have plenty of seeds for whatever you want.

true privates kick butt.
follow dachews advise itll get you going in the right direction…

My dsl modem guide was way outdated, but I stumbled thru it anyway forwarding
a port, the only problem I now have is utorrent will suck up every kb available after enough time, which is what I wanted, till I realized surfing’s a bithc. Duh!

What are private trackers and where can I find them :confused:

Could someone PM me an invite to private torrent site?