Slow disc insertion recognition + Print Layout issue

I had a ASUS DRW-1608P3S combo drive. After 6 months it wouldn’t recognize DVDs so I returned it under warranty. It was replaced with an ASUS DRW-1814BL. It ‘light scribes’ which I’ve heard takes forever to ‘print’, but that’s why I use a Canon IP5300, which I highly recommend.
Problem 1: new combo drive takes twice as long to recognise disc has been inserted - “20” seconds everytime. Can this be sped up?

Problem 2:
“The quote at “You can save your document in the view with which you want it to open” is misleading and incorrect. For example, I save company minutes in Print Layout. When I email these to board members, including myself for checking, things change. When I open the attached word doc, it always opens in Normal mode, despite being saved in Print Layout. Please advise how to modify default setting so MS Outlook 2003 opens MS Word docs in ‘view’ in which they were saved and sent.”

Anyone got a clue how to resolve these please? Ranger says thank you.