Slow disc imaging copy!



Using clone cd to make an image of a disc, it averages 53kbs.
I have used Roxio in the past & it would run like 325 kbs.
Why is clone cd so slow?
Is it something I am doing wrong?


What is the disc? Is it a protected CD? Have you checked out your DMA settings?


It is a copy of a protected cd, halo
I am using windows 2000 pro.
Where & what should the DMA settings be for clone cd?


Use the instructions above to check your DMA settings. I don’t do much CD backup, but it may be that halo has lots of errors on it, so that is why it is taking so long to read - try making a backup of something like an unprotected data disc and see how fast that goes.


Halo is safedisc protected and the image-making process will be very slow for the first 3% or so of the disc. Just be patient as once that part is completed it will only take another 3 to 4 minutes to read the the remainder of the disc.